No Skill on display
Discreet pieces in blatant opposition to large, bright, colorful art productions.

To reveal "it" by its absence.

in mo 恁麼  - as it is - suchness 
Yūgen 幽玄  - l'esprit du geste
Mono no aware 物の哀れ - art de l'impermanence

"The admirable austerity of the void." - Derek Jarman

Vincent Van Gogh Autoportrait – Arles – 1889
Qui est assez invisible pour te voir?" 
Paul Celan in Renverse le Souffle , 1967

"...When living in  Japan as a young performer in the early 80s, I befriended Noriaki Yokosuka, a famous photographer from noble descent. in April, the time when people gather under the cherry trees for the blossom and the fall of the petals, he told me: in my family, we don't go to the parks, we used to stay at home, look through the window, and imagine the cherry blossom... I joined him with delight."

"C'est par la barbaque, la seule barque,
qu'on connait "le"
qu'on ne sait pas." 
- Antonin Artaud